KPFZ Staff

Station Manager -- Andy   Weiss   (*)

Bookkeeper --  Deb Pollock (*)

* These staff members receive a small stipend. All other positions are volunteers (most of whom are KPFZ members)

The following are board members, volunteers or subcommittees with special responsibilities:

Membership  -- John Saare (Interim)

Underwriting -- Susan Lozano

Bylaws -- Ron Green

Program Committee -- Nick Baker

Interrim Program Director: Chloe Karl

Emergency Procedures -- Betsy Cawn and "Jake" Jacobson

Technical  Committee --  John Saar (Chair, Membership database), Andy Weiss, David Lark (Web Architect), Alan Fletcher (Webmaster,FCC Public Inspection File : Issues List / Program List),  Ellen H (Web Editor), Judy Bond (Facebook page).

Fundraisers and Events -- Usually one Board member takes the lead for a particular event and forms an ad-hoc working group.  Members are encouraged to take the lead on events to benefit LCCR, Inc. with approval of the  Board of Directors.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising events.