KPFZ Staff

Station Manager -- Andy   Weiss   (*)

Bookkeeper --  Deb Pollock (*)

* These staff members receive a small stipend. All other positions are volunteers (most of whom are KPFZ members)

The following are volunteers or subcommittees with special responsibilities:

Membership  -- Deb Pierce. 

Underwriting -- Susan Lozano

Web Subcommittee --  Andy Weiss, Alan Fletcher (Webmaster),  Ellen H (Web Editor ), David Lark (Web Architect), Judy Bond (Facebook page), Betsy Cawn (User )

Fundraisers and Events -- Usually one Board member takes the lead for a particular event and forms an ad-hoc working group.  Members are encouraged to take the lead on events to benefit LCCR, Inc. with approval of the Station Manager and/or the Board of Directors.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising events.