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NOTE: our stream player is requiring an update to the latest version of "Adobe Flash". See below for detailed instructions.

Listen Now!

KPFZ is once again streaming over the web! Our new supplier is Surfer Network.

Depending on your browser settings the player may open in a new window, or in a new tab.

The stream is always delayed from the live broadcast … usually a few seconds, but it can be a couple of minutes, depending on your internet connection, and how busy their server is.

If you lose the stream connection, reload the page in your browser to prevent your browser from replaying what you already listened to. If that does not restart the show, then close the browser page and click on the link to start fresh.

If you're having trouble with your stream, you may get assistance from our streaming provider.

Thanks to all who have put their energies into making this happen.

Update to Flash Player (3/31/2017)

Surfer Network seems to have made a change to their stream player, which requires the latest version of the "Flash" player. If you get their warning popup, click on the "Get Adobe Flash Player" button and follow the instructions.

Windows Internet Explorer : I just clicked on their warning pop-up and it ran OK.

Windows Chrome Browser : This has a built-in Flash player, but it may be disabled. Type "about:plugins" as the internet address, and then check [x] Always Allowed to Run Update 4/25/17: Google has removed this feature from chrome!

If you figure out how to do it on other systems (Apple) or browsers (Firefox, Safari..) please send me the instructions and I'll add it here. Use the contact form for "Webmaster" and be sure to tell me the system you're using.