Mendocino Complex Fire Information

Note: This post will receive no further updates as of October 1. Please tune in to KPFZ Sunday afternoons from 2-4 PM for relevant timely information about the fire recovery.

The River and Ranch fires have been combined by Cal Fire into a grouping known as the Mendocino Complex. The River Fire, which started near Hopland, and the Ranch Fire, which started near Potter Valley, have now caused evacuations in Lake, Colusa, and Glenn Counties. Meanwhile, other fires have caused much damage, with smoke spreading all over Northern California.

Moving Forward

Disaster Recovery Center

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had a recovery center operating in Upper Lake, at 9470 Main Street. As of August 27, its hours were Monday through Saturday, 9:00AM to 6:00 PM. You can also reach FEMA at (800) 621-FEMA. They also operate mobile centers on an ad-hoc basis. A FEMA representative had been on KPFZ daily at 9:00 AM.

Local Assistance Center

There was a Local Assistance Center for people affected by the fires. It was at the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center, 3985 Country Club Drive, Lucerne. Hours will be from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Friday August 10th through Friday August 17th.

Many organizations were there to provide for your needs, including:

  • American Red Cross
  • North Coast Opportunities
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • United Methodist Church
  • Veteran’s Services
  • Lake County Environmental Health
  • Lake County Behavioral Health
  • Lake County Social Services
  • Lake County Public Services
  • Social Security Administration

Evacuations & Road Closures

All mandatory evacuations and evacuation advisories have been lifted However, the Mendocino National Forest around the fire zone is closed.

Property owners can acquire a permit to visit their property by bringing proof of ownership to the Mendocino National Forest, Upper Lake Ranger District, 10025 Elk Mountain Road, Upper Lake, CA 95485. Their phone is 707-275-2361.

Further information

Note that the air in the County is still unhealthy. Please stay indoors, avoid physical exertion, and wear a particulate mask to protect your lungs.

Government Agencies & Affiliates

News Organizations

Crowdsourced News


Some of these pages may require logging in and joining a group to view.

Note that many sites are unofficial, and even official sources sometimes pass on incorrect information during the chaos of an emergency, while other information may be outdated. You should verify any information you receive to the best of your ability before acting on it.

If you know of any sources which you believe belong here, or have any comments regarding any of these information sources, please visit , and choose "I want to discuss the station Website (Webmaster)".

General Announcements

If you don't have your paper prescriptions, pharmacists are empowered to give reasonable quantities of refils on a good faith basis during emergencies. The empty bottle or your doctor's name will help establish trust.

If you are evacuated, your mail will be available at the Clearlake post office. Once your mandatory evacuation has been lifted, your mail will be transferred to your normal post office. Expect a delay of a couple of days before it arrives.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors wants to hear your concerns during this difficult time. Here's how to find them:

  • District 1 (Middletown) supervisor Moke Simon: (707) 533-9615
  • District 2 (Clearlake) supervisor Jeff Smith: (707) 272-3829
  • District 3 (North shore) supervistor Jim Steele: (707) 295-6198
  • District 4 (Lakeport) supervisor Tina Scott: (707) 849-4414
  • District 5 (K-ville) supervisor Rob Brown: (707) 349-2628

Many of you are feeling stress at this time to a degree that you have not experienced before. Lake County Behavioral Health maintains a 24 hour hotline for those who need someone to talk to, or who would like to be directed to more comprehensive services, at (800) 900-2075. There is also a National Disaster Distress Hotline at (800) 985 5990.

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