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Playing at 7:55 pm -- prior: Democracy Now - P  |  now: Doc & The Dead - R / Murti Masquerade   |   next: Doc's Garage - R / Murti Masquerade


Talk shows

9 BC: the mystery of numbers with Allen and Aqeela Markowski

airtimes: Friday 9 am L (L: Live P: prerecorded A: Archive R: Repeat)

This slot alternates between 9BC and Veteran's Hour.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."   Albert Einstein

9BC has retired after 5 years of bi-weekly programming.

We would like to thank Allen & Aqeela Markowski for their support of the station and all the listeners who tuned in.  We will miss their voices.

The new show information will be posted shortly.