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Talk shows

Conversations: about the county with Olga Martin Steele

airtimes: Tuesday 10 am L, Thursday 12 am R (L: Live P: prerecorded A: Archive R: Repeat)

This slot alternates between Eco Tech Solutions and Conversations

I am your host Olga Martin Steele.  I was trained as a Programmer by Steve and Kathryn Elias in 2010 and with Steve's blessing am the host of four shows.  My business experience is extensive having worked mostly in management positions for 30 years in 5 different State Agencies.  I also spent 10 years working for the Santa Clara Valley Water District in management. I have also served on various non-profit boards including elementary, high and charter schools and am currently the Chair of the Lake County Community Radio, Inc. Board of Directors and also serve on three other non-profit boards in support of the community.

Conversations – a one-hour program every other Tuesday. This program is co-hosted by Shawn Garrison. We cover many diverse issues of interest, invite the audience to join in on the conversation and, and similar to Voices, we often invite guests to enhance the show’s offerings.