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Music Programs

The Barron Zone: late night music show with Barron Winger

Bluegrass Traveller : bluegrass with Don Coffin

Buckerooman : cowboy music & stories with John Erfurth

Celtic Collage: European & American folk music with Susan Krones

Classical Bytes: classical music with Rich Adams

Classical Showcase: variety of classics with Nick Reid

The Coffee Girl: a wake-up call with Donna Mahuein

Denim Alley : real country, bluegrass & folk with Linda Guebert

Doc's R&B Review: rhythm, blues .. and funk. Honoring T. Watt's CyberSoulMan Review. with Doc Bilardi

The Jazz: cool cat jazz with Doc Bilardi

Lost Treasures: blues and related genres with Pop Booth

Old Okie Workshop & Trading Show : music & tales, & trade treasures with friends with Ken Poole

PulsePangea: world music with Lisa Lehmer

Raptured Disc: international flavor with Roberto Lozano

Redemption Songs: Gospel/Christian music with T Watts

Rockn' the Lake: hard rock with Q,Deb

Savings & Trust: novelty, local & inspirational with Debbie B

Songs of Freedom : A reggae beat and more with Lisa Lehmer

Soul Food: holy hip-hop with Corey Jones

Surface Noise: a Kornucopia of music with Stu

Unherd Radio: music you won't hear elsewhere with King B.

Verge All Night : he'll keep you up with Verge Belanger

Wicked Good: rock, jazz, variety music and comedy with Peter Tibbits


Talk shows

9 BC: the mystery of numbers with Allen Markowski,Aqeela Markowski

APlace2Be : Tiny House Community with Joyce Adams and Alicia Pratt

Big Heart: human potential with Susan King

Big Art : human creativity with Sherry Harris

Citizen Lake : Lake County issues. with Chris Newell

Conscious Connection: call for life advice with Gail Dyne

Culinary View: food & cooking with Julie Hoskins,Rich Adams

Democracy Now : global and national news with Amy Goodman

Earthwise : community healing with Chloe Karl, Ghia

Eco Tech Solutions: Environmental and architectural issues with Trina Johnson, Kirk Johnson

Giving Tree Radio : buy, sell, trade & giveaway items with Conrad Kiczenski ,Q ,Deb

Kila the Magic Husky´s Ham Radio College: learning ham radio with Kila,Ben

Holistic Health & Nutrition: quantum energy shift radio with Laureen Lee

Karma Cola: the human condition with Andy Weiss

Lake County Fire Recovery: recovery resource with Betsy Cawn

The Law Show: hot topics in the news, call in show with Herb Gura

Life in the Spirit: stories of Christian faith with Reverend Paul Smith

Ministry without Walls : sermon/music with Sarah Jones

New Dimensions: life-long learning program, interviews with leading thinkers with Justine Willis-Thoms

News From The Past: Lake County history, call-in program with Olga Martin Steele, Linda Lake

Our Stories, Our Lives: gay news and views with Harold Riley

Pagan World Views : the old religion with Willowoak, Macha, Verge Bellanger

Philadelphia Lawyer : national & local talk with Ron Green

Praxis: making meaning of our culture with Michael Oken

Pub Talk : opinions, current events with Frank, Marty,Jeff

Pushing Buttons : don't get riled if they push your buttons with Bob Blackmoore,Phil Murphy

Radio Jail : broadcast Live into county jail, phone calls with Eugenie Steinman

Release the Hounds : release your inner demons with C-Sharp, Lori Heagerty

Senior Moments : topics of interest to seniors and all ages with Betsy Cawn, Janet Taylor, Alan Fletcher

The Taira St. John Show: issues in psychology with Taira St. John

The Thom Hartmann Program: nationally syndicated call-in show with Thom Hartmann

Transition Lake County: Lake county update with Olga Martin Steele

Tribal Voices: indigenous peoples' issues with Jim Brown, Gail Brown

Truth from the Source : various topics with Ann West

Veterans' Hour: Veterans' affairs with Olga Martin Steele

The Voice of White Plume: local native issues with Clayton Duncan

Voices of Lake County: local issues with Olga Martin Steele

Women's Voices: women's issues with Lenny Matthews, Aqeela Markowski

Word Weavers : books, music, poetry, law with Susan Krones, Carolyn Hawley, Wm Conwell, Eugenie Steinman, Alan Fletcher


We are hoping to have programming 24 hours a day. If you are a night owl (11pm or 1am to 5 am) and would like to host a program, please call our office at 707 263 3640

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