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Schedule Documentation 11/11/16

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Use this button to display the schedule and print it directly
I use the "Cuteftp" printer to generate a PDF from the html page.
(Set your printer to Landscape mode)
Use this button to display the PDF schedule and print it
(Set your printer to Landscape mode)

File location

The schedule code is all in "/home/kpfzus/cms/schedule_files"

The PHP code is in /php and the DATA files are in /data

I use Dreamweaver and/or Filezilla to access them. David has the login info.

The current production version is 4 and the test version is 5 -- right now it's a clone of 4 with only the show page name and schedule files changed (kpfz_schd_161105 and kpfz_show_161105).

These new spreadsheets are in my google docs file (emailed to the web team).

Updating the Schedule

I recommend that you upload a changed schedule and TEST it in version 5 before releasing it. This is all set up.

The test links are : ScheduleTest2 and ShowsTest2 (They are not published, you need to log in to see them).

There are TWO spreadsheets (will eventually be merged or replaced), which I hold in Excel 2003 (.XLS) format, and generate Tab-Separated-Value (TSV) Text files -- SCHD.xls/.tsv (schedule) and SHOW.xls/.tsv (back-page info)

I do the following:

  • Load the .XLS file and edit it
  • Save the XLS file
  • Save as .. Text (Tab Delimited) (*.tsv) ... answer YES to all questions
  • Close the spreadsheet, and say NO to "do you want to save"
  • Upload the *.TSV file (optionally the .XLS ... it's not used)

It MIGHT be possible to use google sheets, but I'm not sure if we can do everything we need (sorting, mainly). It does save in TSV format.

NOTE: the schedule system is being updated, including the merger of the two spreadsheets, and the creation of a new "hosts" spreadsheet.

The fields in the two spreadsheets are:

Day Hour Length Group Show Name Title in Slot
Sunday 5 2 music RedemptionSongs Redemption Songs
Sunday 7 1 talk MinistryWithoutWalls Ministry Without Walls
Monday 25 2 talk RedemptionSongs Redemption Songs - R
Tuesday 25 2 talk MultiA1MultiA2 Multi A1 / Multi A2

The SHOW NAME must be the SAME in both tables, AND for any repeat slots AND for any Pages created for the show (not implemented).

If there are multiple shows sharing a slot, make a "combined" entry. (This will NOT be shown on the Shows page or the printed schedule). When you click through to the "Info" page, all the shows in the time slot will be shown.

Hours run from 5am to midnight (24) ... and then go up to 28 for 4 am.

Regular Time Hour Value
5 am 5
6 am 6
noon 12
11 pm 23
midnight 24
1 am 25
2 am 26
3 am 27
4 am 28

Repeat slots are made by adding a separate entry, with the SAME Show Name, and " - R" in the description.

Show Titles should be as short as possible, so that the schedule prints on one page.

Shared slots are (presently) made by creating a "fake" show made up of the two names "Show1Show2", and providing an entry for that in the SHOWS table.


Show Name Long Title Sort -- without A An The Description Hosts Code
music MUSIC (unused) Music Programs =group=  
TheBarronZone The Barron Zone Barron Zone late night misc show Barron Winger  
talk PUBLIC & CULTURAL AFFAIRS (unused) Talk shows =group=  
9BC 9 BC 9 BC the mystery of numbers Allen and Aqeela  
AlternateCurrent Alternate Current Alternate Current no tea party allowed Lowell Grant  
MultiA1MultiA2 Multi A1 / Multi A2 Multi A1 / Multi A2 multiple shows sharing a slot varies #multi-a#
MultiA1 Multi A1 Multi A1 first show in slot Host A1 #multi-a-1#
MultiA2 Multi A2 Multi A2 second show in slot Host A2 #multi-a-2#
offair OFF AIR (unused) We are hoping to have programming 24 hours a day. If you are a night owl (11pm or 1am to 5 am) and would like to host a program, please call our office at 707 263 3640 =group=  
offair offair offair KPFZ is off the air (nobody)  

The SHOW NAME must be the SAME in both tables, AND for any repeat slots AND for any Pages created for the show (not implemented).

The Long Title, Description and Hosts will be displayed. The Description should be kept short, so it fits on the back page.

Note that the Host field sometimes has special values, like "=group=".

If multiple shows share the time slot, then we have both a "combined" entry MultiA1MultiA2 and separate entries for MultiA1 and MultiA2 -- with special annotation in the "Code" column.

The Sort column is used to sort the table, excluding "A", "A" and "The".

I do this as follows:

  • Enter the Title "A Show"
  • Fill right, and edit out the "A" ... leaving "Show"
  • Select the range of cells for the group
  • SORT ascending based on the Sort column
  • Repeat for music and talk

All The News That Fits, We Print (needs PHP skills)

Getting the schedule to print nicely is an art form. Keeping titles and descriptions short helps. See printschedule4.php

Change the code. Upload. Select Print Schedule. Print the page (Landscape, header & footers off)

Rinse and repeat until both the front and back pages fit.

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