Spinitron Reports

Spinitron specifies a 2-week period each quarter, during which programmers must report on all the music they used.

Hello KPFZ programmers,

It’s time for Spinitron again. We are required to do this every three months to be able to continue our live stream. We appreciate (and require) your participation. We skipped the summer reporting period due to the coronavirus, but we must get back to proper reporting to allow our live stream at KPFZ.ORG to continue.

This two-week reporting period is September 6 to 12 and September 13 to 13. Both are Sunday to Saturday weeks.  All reports MUST be in by September 25.

Here are the basic procedures: You need to report all songs that are played for longer than 30 seconds for all shows during this period. The information Spinitron needs for each song played is Artist, Title, Release and Label. You are responsible for your live shows and (if you have them) your repeats.


If you do NOT have a Spinitron account, you should go to Spinitron.com and create an account. Be sure you are on the KPFZ 88.1 page.  To create an account you need an ACCESS CODE. The access code is “KPFZKPFZ” (KPFZ twice, hopefully easy to remember.)

AFTER you have created an account, you can email or call me and I will assign you a PASSWORD of your choice.  I will get an email from Spinitron saying someone (you) are creating an account, which I can then authorize.

You cannot fill in your data until you have an account.


If you ALREADY have a Spinitron account, you should be able to log on (Always choose KPFZ as the station). If you have forgotten your password, send me an email and I will either tell you what it is, or change it for you. 

If you have an account and know your password you should have no trouble getting to your show. You can also change your password.

After you are logged into your account, you can change its title, or change the time period, or create a new show. Contact me for help with that.


LOGIN page is at https://spinitron.com/m/site/login

If you need help, try these pages at Spinitron.com

Getting started:


Also, other help is at the Frequently Asked Questions page:


Things to remember:

If you have a repeat show that is earlier in the week than your live show, you need to make note of the songs played during this coming week so that you can report them on the repeat show slot next week.

Your reports should be entered on Spinitron by September 25. You can do them anytime before that, but please check that they are on the correct dates and times.

I can fix some problems after you have data in.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at SPINITRON@KPFZ.ORG, or call  277-0543 (email is better for a start, and then we can schedule a time when we can both be sitting at our computers and talk details through.


Thanks to all of you for doing what we need to do to keep KPFZ streaming live around the world.

Dwain Goforth
KPFZ Spinitron coordinator