FCC Public Inspection File (PIF) System

Here are the links to the online Issues List / Program List system:

The FCC requires that KPFZ file "a quarterly list of programs they aired during the preceding quarter that provided the stations’ most significant treatment of community issues."  This is in two parts : an Issues List (approved quarterly by the LCCR/KPFZ Board) and a Program List (reports about individual shows, filed by any member of the show -- producer, programmer or board operator). The specific FCC guidlines are sparse:

  • Do the issues-programs lists include a brief narrative describing what issues were given significant treatment and the programming that provided this treatment?
  • Does the description of the programs include at a minimum the time, date, duration and title of each program in which the issue was treated?

Here is an example of a quarterly report for KPFZ : KPFZ 2017 Q3 (July-September)

All 'talk' programs covering local issues must file.  Weekly programs must file at east once a month, others at least one once a  quarter. (But we recommend that you file a report for every show, and then pick the best at the end of the quarter).

Quick-Start Guide

Step 1 : If you are a new user, click on the Register button, and enter at least the required fields. At present you will be automatically registered, so press the big blue "Login or Restart" button.

Step 2 : Login by entering your email and password. Press the left "Login (to File)" button. Note: you can log in to your station (KPFZ-FM), or the test station "TEST-KPFZ". I suggest you play in the test area first to get a feel for the system. 

Bug! If you have a problem at any time, press the big red Bug button, and I will get an email report.

Step 3 : By default you will be filing a report for THIS Quarter. If you want to file a report for LAST quarter, change the radio button Quarter: Prior (o) | This ( ) | Next ( ) Also, the "Data" section defaults to "Data: Mine (o)". You can change this to "Station (o)" to see other people's reports.

Step 4 : Add your current report. Fill in all the required fields. Check ALL the issues that you think apply to your program. If you interview someone check the 'People and Places' Issue. The description doesn't have to be very long. See the reports for "Senior Moments" and "Philadelphia Lawyer" for examples.

Step 5 : You can press the "Check" button, which will show you which fields are missing or in the wrong format. When it's OK press the "Submit" button. If you want to start all over again, press "Clear".

Step 6 : You can "View" reports (select the quarter and data you want to see) : this format includes information which won't be published in the final report. 

Step 7 : You can "Generate" a report : on Windows you can "Print" it . 

Step 8 : Log out. (This will minimise the number of "I got lost" messages).