Spinitron Reports

Spinitron specifies a 2-week period each quarter, during which programmers must report on all the music they used.

Hello KPFZ programmers,

I have been asked when the next Spinitron reporting period, since in the past it had included the last two weeks of December.

I cannot find any required spinitron period, and since late December includes time when people are busy, may be out of town, and so may be more likely to have substitutes for their shows, I have pushed the period back to the first two weeks of January.

So to be ready here are the upcoming dates:

Week 1: Sunday, January 5 through Saturday, January 11
Week 2: Sunday, January 12 through Saturday, January 18

BOTH periods MUST be completed by Saturday January 25.

As usual, all music longer than 30 seconds must be reported for your shows, including talk shows and including repeat shows.

If you do not already have an account at Spinitron.com, please contact me to help get you set up. You will need an “access code “ and then start an account. I will then provide you with any password you may wish to use and then you can log in and enter information for your profile and show(s).

If you have an account, it might be a good idea to log in and take a look at your profile and your show(s) to make sure all relevant information is in them. This helps the general public identify your show and view your playlist(s).

You can reach me at mailto:spinitron@KPFZ.org


The information Spinitron needs for each song you play is Artist, Title, Album, Label, Time Started, and Length of Song.

Spinitron Login.

If you don't have an account contact Dwayne at spinitron@kpfz.org