Website Specification

For your amusement, here is the specification for the new website, and some comments on how we did.

(Poster by Tribe #1).

Yes, it's responsive! That is, it works well on both desktops and mobile devices, including small cell phones. (OK, so we haven't implemented the 'wide' version). On the desktop version we do have a sidebar on the right, providing quick access to some information. 

Close, for desktop : 7 pages x 5 tabs.

For mobile, it needs one click on the "hamburger" menu, and then a second click. We're still trying to get more buttons on the menu, to avoid the second click most of the time.

Done for browser, working on mobile, wide not implemented.

It pretty much looks like that, with a picture at the top and headline news at the bottom. "Now playing" is now working.

Done, except that we don't have a filter to show only selected genres, and the schedule data is held in a spreadsheet, not in a database (yet).  Note that the new "printed" version of the schedule is generated from the web site. The schedule/shows/hosts system will be improved over the next few months, allowing for "show" and "host" pages. 

Done, including 'promote to front page' and 'pin to top' (sticky, with weights so we can control the exact order).  The news is only shown in a single column. We have the tags internally, but can't filter for specific news items.

As planned, we have not activated comments for users (though we occasionally use them internally).

However, we couldn't get the "mail list" working satisfactorily  (so that individuals could subscribe to a list), so we went back to a contact form. The "subscribers" for a category must be maintained manually by the webmaster.

We recommended (and the board approved)  that the site should be elegant and restrained, rather than flashy and 'singing and dancing'.  We are still working on the graphics design, including new logos and icons for various buttons.

The specification was approved by the board in January 2016.  The written summary for the board is at /sites/

We selected "Drupal 7" as the platform, and changed to "Greenhosts" for hosting the site. 

Not on a slide : we also imported the KPFZ history as a "book".

OK, so we were a little late : the initial release was in October.