andyw ,  04/01/2012


Operations – Andy Weiss

Program  Director – Tim Hoff

Music Director – Tee Watts

Public/Cultural Affairs Director -  Sandra Wade

Membership -  Debbie Pierce

Underwriting Director – Jim

Remotes – Buck Bouker, Andy Weiss

Consultant – Gray Haertig

Engineer – Bill Rett

Computer Networks – Terry Sauers

Site Manager – Pete Gruchawa


Program/Training Committee: Tim Hoff, Tee Watts, Sandra Wade, Andy Weiss

Web Site Committee: David Lark, Alan Fletcher, Judy Bond, Ellen Hardenburger

Engineering Committee: Gray Haertig, Bill Rett, Terry Sauers, Pete Gruchawa, Andy Weiss

2012 Winter/Spring Membership Drive Committee:  Jackie Armstrong, Sandra Wade, Andy Weiss

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  1. Judy Bond Says:

    Has staff remained the same? This page is dated April 2012. It is now Feb. 2014.

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