KPFZ Power Increase History

andyw ,  12/25/2009

At the end of November, 2009, KPFZ applied to the Federal Communications Commission for an increase in power and signal area. On December 18, 2009 the FCC approved this request.

KPFZ has 36 months to build this new version of 88.1, which will triple the station’s power from 100 to 300 watts. Once the money has been raised, new equipment will be purchased, antenna testing will be done back in New England, then the station will be built on a new tower on Mt. Konocti. KPFZ will be responsible for tearing down the old tower.

Following that, tests will be done to make sure the new 88.1 does not interfere with other stations. The new 88.1 will get to many places in Lake County where the current signal is not satisfactory, and even to some new places within and beyond county borders.

If you would like to donate to the power upgrade fund,call the KPFZ office at 263-3640. And thanks to Lorna Sue Sides, Sanda Wade, Harbin Hot Springs, Gayle McDonald-Gura, Charlotte Griswold, and others for their generous donations!
Predicted Signal Coverage Map
KPFZ’s Proposed New Signal Area