KPFZ Web Site Status

David Lark ,  11/20/2012

A New Look

  • Minor changes that make this site easier to navigate.

Better Information

  • More up-to-date
  • Better Organized

You Can Participate

  • We’ve made it easier for you to leave comments. Hopefully this won’t lead to a lot of spam; if it does we’ll make changes to deal with that.

Other Projects

  • Registration is currently disabled until we implement anti-spam measures. Look for its return shortly.
  • We will be taking other steps to make use of our web presence to complement and enhance our radio signal. Keep checking back.

4 Responses to “KPFZ Web Site Status”

  1. David Lark Says:

    Does anyone have the original photo (full-size, unshrunk) of Mount Konocti that is in this site’s header? I’d like to have it to redo the look of this site someday.

  2. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    David Lark
    Hook me up with the podcast features, capture, publish etc.

  3. KC Jones Says:

    Looking around and diggin’ the new feel of the joint. The stream link on the front page; excellent/smart/ FINALLY :) … Ok, so how about (just a suggestion here) emotion-cons? Something that is embedded in/or above the leave-a-reply box, (a simple point and click). As well a KPFZ RSS feed that’s synched w/ all of our other online pages (we should consider getting into the world of Twitter as well). For instance consider when I post on my FB Boogie Sessions pg, it also posts as a tweet on Twitter. Food for thought; thanks for all of your (collective) hard work on the KPFZ site! Looking good!

  4. KC Jones Says:

    The emotion-con in the above post is good, but some folks do not know how to make certain faces (smiley, winking, whatever) w/their keyboards. A box of them avail to anyone would be a plus. Sorry to double down w/a post – peace & good luck to the KPFZ web crew!

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