Power Increase Roadmap

andyw ,  04/27/2011

In January of 2013 we are doing the last four steps listed in the following breakdown of what is happening. We have some more work to do to make the new power transmitter work efficiently and safely.

Below is the steps outlined previously:
Here are the steps we will take on our way to a more powerful signal, which will greatly increase our coverage:

1)     Secure financing from County of Lake and LCCR Board.

2)     Hire Shivley’s in Maine to conduct antennae pattern testing (approx. $5, 200 – this is what County of Lake has promised to pay).

3)     Hire Sacramento tower company to a) remove antennae from current tower.  b) take down/haul away current tower and guy wires.  c)  Install antennae and transmission line on new tower. (approx. $6,000 including new transmission line, parts). Note: Pete said the guys and the old tower are worthless and a liability.

4)     Hire Ruzicka Engineering surveying firm to survey site/certify.  Hire Bill Rett to certify correct installation. Hire Gray to petition FCC for permission to begin program testing/certify (we may get all this for free – as donations)

5)     Wait for FCC approval to begin program testing  (a few days to a few weeks – KPFZ will be off the air for this period)

6)     Go on-air for 30 day program testing period (our regular programming).

7)     If problems, shut down transmission, and re-do.  If no problems, apply to FCC for a new radio station license.

8)     Receive license for five year period (2011-2016).  KPFZ will move up in class from a Class A to a Class B1 FM station.

Time frame, once financing is secured, will be 3-6 months.  If major problems occur, maybe longer.  Our Construction Permit expires in December of 2012, so we have plenty of time.  It took approx 6-8 months to do this process the first time for our current 88.1 station.