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Catherine Elias Memorial Service on March 21

Ellen H (Editor in Chief)

KPFZ radio will host a memorial gathering for former programmer and past president Catherine Elias, who died in December.

The event will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 21, at the United Methodist/Unitarian Universalist Church, 3810 Main Street, Kelseyville.

Catherine and her husband Steve Elias were actively involved in the development of KPFZ and from 2001 to 2011 co-hosted several on-air public affairs programs.

In the early 2000s Catherine Elias served as board president of Lake County Community Radio, which owns and operates KPFZ.

A long-time civil rights advocate and legal specialist, Catherine Elias worked in the areas of welfare rights, paralegal training, development of self-help law and other consumer materials, and education programs for youth and the public.

She was executive director of the National Self-Help Law Project, Founder of the National Association for Independent Paralegals, and associate director of the National Bankruptcy Law Project.

She also co-authored Nolo Press’ Independent Paralegal’s Handbook and wrote numerous articles, handbooks and training programs.

The public is invited to attend the memorial. Call 707-263-3640 for more information.

New User Registration

Alan Fletcher (Web Master)

Unfortunately we are adding about ten FAKE users a day  … unless our stream is hugely popular in Russia …  so I have turned OFF new user registration.

If you want to register on KPFZ.ORG, please email and I will add you by hand.

Catherine Elias – In Memoriam

Ellen H (Editor in Chief)

KPFZ received word that Catherine Elias passed away on Monday, December 29, 2014.  We want to take this opportunity to express our sympathy to her family and friends.

Catherine was a pillar in the initial founding, design, structure, and maintenance of KPFZ.  She and her husband, Steve, were not only on the air together (and sometimes separately) for many years with Lake County Magazine, Both Sides Now, and other shows.  Catherine served as the founding President of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, and other capacities throughout the years as she remained on the Board.  She also represented KPFZ at conferences and meetings.

Catherine was loved greatly by the radio family and others in Lake County.  Catherine had a long-term relationship with deeper values of love, compassion, care, and justice.  This was demonstrated by her organizational work for women, human, and civil rights, along with other honorable causes in Washington, DC and her in Lake County.  She will be missed.

Memorial service information is not available at this time but we will post it when it becomes available.

UPDATE:  The family will not be having a memorial service at this time.  Please see the comments for more details.

New Web Master and Web Mistress

Alan Fletcher (Web Master)

I’m Alan Fletcher. I  am taking over  the role of  ”Web Master” from David Lark,  who leaves it in good shape : thank you for setting up the current version.  I will mostly handle the technical aspects.

More importantly, Ellen H has also joined the web team, and will be taking the lead on content, as “Web Mistress” or “Editor”.  She’s already at work getting the schedule up to date.

Please see the first few comments for details.

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