KPFZ Emergency Information

At the top of this page we show THREE possible "emergency box" items.

  • RED : There is an active emergency, such as a fire with evacuation ORDERS (Previously known as a Mandatory Evacuation)
  • YELLOW : There is an emergency situation which does not immediately threaten life or property, such as a PG&E PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff), or a fire with Evacuation WARNINGS (Previously known as an Advisory  Evacuation).
  • GREEN : A previous emergency is over, but you may still need quick access to information

In an actual emergency only ONE of the boxes will be activated.

This is a test : this is only a test.

In the event of a real emergency this page will provide information and links to other organizations.

When KPFZ goes into Emergency Mode then regular programming may be suspended, and we may only be able to operate for limited hours under generator power.





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