LCCR (KPFZ) TELEPHONIC/ZOOM Board Meeting Thursday August 20, 2020 6:15-8:00 pm


Lake County Community Radio, Inc.

149 N. Main Street | Lakeport, CA 95453 | 707-263-3640 |
BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING AGENDA: August 20, 2020, 6:15 pm – 8:00 pm

Note:  we are taking covid-19 precautions to maintain a safe broadcasting studio therefore we are meeting via zoom.  contact our zoom meeting administrator, chloe karl, if you wish to join the meeting or provide comments/input on the agenda in writing.  Send comments through the message feature on or by email,

i. call to order

ii. minutes

iii. welcome/introductions

iv. public comment

visitors may speak for up to 2 minutes on any item not on the agenda.  if the item is on the agenda, speakers will be asked to hold their comments until the item is taken up by the board.       

v. treasurers report – roberta actor

vi.   general manager’s report – andy Weiss*

  1. station ops 

  2. psps/fire broadcasting schedule – Action Item

  3. generator back up – Action Item

  4. fall fund drive – Action Item

  5. other

*Action items Proposed by Olga Martin Steele

vii.    committee reports

  1. program committee – chloe karl

    1. update on new programs/schedule changes

    2. programmer communications/updates

    3. unwelcome callers/caller management  

      1. caller blocking – john moorhead – Action Item

    4. respect & decorum doc revisions - roberta actor – Action Item

  2. underwriting – lozanos – Action Item

  3. website report – alan fletcher

  4. database – john saare

vii.  new business

viii. next meeting/ adjournment

Note : minutes and other information will appear in the comments.

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Note :  These minutes only become final when approved by the board.

Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2020

I.      Call to order at 6:23 by President Olga Martin-Steele. 

II.                 Board Members Present: Roberta Actor, Doc Bilardi, Ron Green, Chloe Karl, Linda Kelly, Susan Krones, Jaclyn Ley, John Saare, Olga Martin-Steele     Absent: Jim Brown

General Manager:  Andy Weiss was present. This meeting was conducted via ZOOM due to COVID-19 Emergency

Guests:  Alan Fletcher, Butch Engle, Ellen Karnowski

 Public Input:   Ellen wanted to thank the programmers.     

III.      Approval of Minutes –The minutes from the last regular meeting on 5/21/20 approved.

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – Actor reports that we have a current balance of $27,000.  Our monthly expenses are about $4,400 but that should be reduced next month because we switched to a less expensive phone service.  Once we transfer our credit card service our monthly expenses will be reduced some more.  Out of the money we received for the cancelled MoonAlice concert, $400 was refunded, $1,800 was donated and $1,100 was converted to underwriting.  We received a grant from PG&E of $3,600 for generators to run the station in case of a power shut down.  We also received $250.00 from a Go Fund Me account set up for the stutter fund. 

V.       General Manager’s Report –   a. Andy reported there are 21 shifts at the station running the Board.  Andy and Chloe are doing 6 shifts each.  There are many programmers who do not know how to run the board.  This is why it is so important to continue to be vigilant in keeping the studio COVID free.  Andy is also looking into a 2nd studio we can broadcast from if needed.  This could be the Production studio as long as it is kept totally separate from the studio.  There are expenses to prepare 2nd broadcasting studio.  John Saare made a motion to authorize expenses up to $2,000.  Krones 2nd.  Passes.  

VI.      Committee Reports: 

a. Program Committee – Karl reported.  a. Linda Kelly is a new member to the committee along with 2 other people who are listeners.  b. Everyone who is at the board need to bring in their own microphone. c.  A live performance of Romeo and Juliet will be on the air on July 25 from 7-9:30 pm. d.   There was discussion about how to keep programmers updated about the status of the station.  Chloe will send out emails to programmers to update them.  

b. Underwriting – We have several renewals and new underwriters.  Krones requested to get scripts or recordings of underwriter announcements so she can add it to her prerecorded show.       

c. Tech Report – John Saare reported we will be forwarding email to gmail.  Old email will remain as well.    

d. Fundraising / Events:  a. There are no upcoming events.   

  e. Website:  a. Alan Fletcher there is an ongoing email issue that we are trying to get corrected with Mediacom.  

VII. New Business: a. The Record Bee will be doing another article about KPFZ.  Jacklyn Ley has agreed to set up an appropriate music to coordinate with the fireworks down in Clearlake on the 4th of July.  She will coordinate this with Bruno Sabatier. 

Next Meeting will be Thursday, 8/20/20 @ 6:00 pm via Zoom.   

Adjournment- 8:14 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  

Susan Krones, Secretary