Receive KPFZ Over The Air

andyw ,  01/19/2011

KPFZ/88.1 is on the FM band of your radio.  To get good reception you need to have an antenna hooked up to your radio.  This could range from a simple wire, a dipole (t-shaped) on your wall, to an outside FM antenna that is aimed at Mt. Konocti.

If you can get KPFZ/88.1 in your driveway, the chances are good you can get it in your home.  However, every case is different, depending where in Lake County you are located.  Please call the station for specific advice, at 263-3640.  If no one is there, leave a message and we will get back.

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  1. John Mathis Says:

    16o21 Dam Rd, Clearlake, CA 95422

    I live on Dam Rd., Clearlake. We have had two fires on my block and a lot in need of repairs. If possible could you send me information of services for me and my friemds?

    There isn’t a lot of information. a lot of new homeless and gouging (suddenly very high mark ups on things( food,);stuff needed by disaster victims, tired and shabby.

    And…shout ihis over the air.

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