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andyw ,  11/25/0201

Some of KPFZ’s shows are available for download.  A comprehensive list will appear soon, but for now you will need to go to our “Broadcast Schedule” page and check the daily schedules to find the links of the individual programmers (who post their available shows at their personal websites or Facebook pages)

Current Podcasts follow:

1. Bobby G and “No Stinkin’ Badges”

3 Responses to “Podcasts and On-Demand Audio”

  1. Barbara Christwitz Says:

    I’m unsuccessfully trying to listen to Lake County Live and I can’t figure out what the problem is. Any ideas? I went to http://www.kpfz.org and then pressed “stream” and got Shaul’s program but it didn’t seem to be live. Barbara

  2. Bob Blackmoore Says:


  3. Gary J. Mondfrans Says:

    Can you please ask Debbie to call me.
    I was hospitalized in SF to save my life and I need someone to ask my neighbor Joe Good bext to my place and Orville who is my handyman at 6th and Country Club.

    We also need more items for the parties this weekend at 6324 Sixth Av for the FLOW FUNraisers to help the folks of Lucerne get around the high CalWater rates.

    Carpets too cover and kill weeds.

    Toilets, even non working, to teach water conservtion methods.

    Barrells and hoses to hold and filter grey water for watering plants and vegatabkes.

    Recycled car battery and any old solar panels oncluding kids toys with any kind of solar panel, even old calculators, and rechargeable nicads and lith batteries.

    The manager of the Stray Hat Pizza also works with.handicapables and I can teach them to make conservation and solar resources.

    Oh, composting of solid waste which can create a buffet for worms so kids can fish for food for the families.

    Lucerne may now be the underserved step sister of Lake County but they can be empowered and become self sufficient that they would no longer need to scrounge up quarters to wash their kids clothes at the only near wash house which had only recently reopended after loosing it’s roof.

    I believe in the concept of train the trainer and Jason seems a quick study and patiebt instructor.

    World waters wars may be in our future and another major fire like Potter Valley last year should never be repeated were we prepared.

    Gary J. Mondfrans
    Now in Pacifica

    I am not allowed to drive. My car was towed by Sonoma when it ran out of gas and I had to find nother way to get to Kaiser Santa Rosa.

    Friends Don’t Send Friends to Sutter-Lakeside.
    I was there 3 times. Had I been tranported there one more time and Coded out I would have dued in Lake County

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