KPFZ Transmitter is Up Again

Updated 2/6/21 5:00  pm -- Report from Mt Konocti :

Our equipment detected moisture in some part of the transmitter system which resulted in an excess of reflected power..., which could in turn have damaged the transmitter.  The transmitter disabled itself in order to protect itself, as it is supposed to do in such circumstances.

Special thanks to Andy Weiss and Herb Gura for making the trek to the top of the mountain and getting us back on the air.

Updated 2/6/21 12:35 pm

A change from yesterday is that Andy and Herb are heading up the mountain today at 2 pm.

As soon as Andy knows whether he can/has fixed the problem,he will let me know. I will let the webmaster and programmers who are immediately affected know first.

Streaming is still available --  some replays and pre-recorded shows have been set up for today (Saturday) from 2 pm.  In particular Georgina's pre-recorded Wordweavers show will be on at 4 pm.  The Law Show (Herb) may be live ... but nothing has (yet) been scheduled, so that might be dead air.

Updated 2/5/21  3:30 pm

It is not the STL. It's the transmitter, which Andy says is dead. The power is on at the mountain, so that's not it.

Solving this will take a visit to the mountain and it is too wet to go up today and probably tomorrow. Andy is thinking Sunday to take a ride up there and see if there's something he can fix.

Until then we are Off the Air.  Be patient. I will let you know if there are any changes. Andy is absorbing the situation now. Alan will put a notice up on our website.

Let me know if you have any questions, but I don't know much more than this right now. I'm the first show to be off the air and another at 9 am tomorrow. 

Lisa Lehmer  is praying for our transmitter.  We can all do that.

Chloe Karl

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