Essential Public Information Hour - November 19, 2023

Our focus topic of the day is CAREGIVING and resources for mobilizing change in state and federal programs providing (or not, as the case may be) "in-home supportive services" in the county of Lake.  The latest report from the Fire Adapted Communities Network local liaison (Magdalena Valderrama) and a new NASA firewatch resource listed following these windows on the real world of disabled citizens in the Golden State:

      In-Home Supportive Services and the state’s governance program limitations:

      Opportunity for advocacy, November 30, 2023, interactive workgroup sponsored by the Department of Health Care Services:

CalAIM Explained: Overview of New Programs and Key Changes - California Health Care Foundation

      California Health Care Foundation:

      Lake County In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee:

      Consumer Virtual Education Session on Medi-Cal Eligibility and Updates:

      California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR):


      Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network -- "A Community Radio Network that CAN" by Magdalena Valderrama:

      NASA's new planetary observation website, "FireSense":