Jazz 100 - Program #105 6-7am Wednesday Morning

 Jazz 100 this week - A giant - with a career spanning six decades - it's Ahmad Jamal - in this iteration - the Ahad Jamal Trio, Live at the Pershing Lounge, 1958.  This concert, and the album, got rave reviews then... and now.... and to show you - if you happened to have a copy of this on vinyl...  They're going north of $300.  But, Jazz is priceless, and it's yours for a song, on Jazz 100!

In this concert, the Amhad Jamal Trio performs originals and standards.  Jamal called Jazz - "American Classical Music" and you'll here plenty of that here.  Jamal took a page out of Miles Davis' playbook, evolving away from the bebop frenetic energy of 50s jazz and exploring the space between the notes in the Cool Jazz vein....  I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for listening, and for your membership support.  If you'd like to get in touch - please do so!  musickpfz@gmail.com  

John Moorhead