andyw ,  12/10/2011

5:00 AM – Savings & Trust (repeat) - Debbie Bielenberg

7:00 AM - The Jazz (repeat) - Doc

9:00 AM – Voices of Lake County - Olga Martin-Steele or Allen Markowski, Ron Kiczenski, and Vito Santa /Veteran’s Hour/9 BC - Allen and Aqeela Markowski

11:00 AM – Celtic Collage (repeat) - Susan Krones

1:00 PM – Conscious Connection - Gail Dyne

2:00 PM - Mysteries of the Spirit -  Pastor Paul Smith

3:00 PM – Lost Treasures (repeat) - Pop

5:00 PM – Earth Wise - Chloe Karl, Gaia, Janet Taylor, Thurston Williams, other hosts

6:00 PM – Democracy Now - Amy Goodman

7:00 PM – Raptured Disc - Roberto Lozano

9:00 PM – Boogie Sessions - Brent Bomia

11:00 PM – Soul Food - Corey Jones 

1:00 AM - Off the air.  Back on at 5am

5 Responses to “Friday”

  1. ace Says:

    your link for Wednesday Broadcast schedule shows for Friday instead of Wed. Just a head’s up. thanks for the station. ace

  2. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Tune in to KPFZ, 88.1 FM @ 11 pm to 1 am Fridays for “Anything Goes” Late night currents in Lake County California with Bob Blackmoore. The call in number is 707-263-3435. You can also catch the show on the internet, or go through the stations website, There is also a Facebook page called Anything Goes

  3. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Who knows I might even get on the schedule.

  4. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Thanks Judy. It’s great to know there are so many wonderful late night listeners. For those who have asked just click on this live link and be taken to the current live broadcast.

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

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