andyw ,  12/18/2011

5:00 AM – Raptured Disc (repeat) -  Roberto Lozano

7:00 AM – Easy Rollin’ (repeat) – Tim Hoff

9:00 AM – The Law Show (repeat) -  Herb Gura

10:00 AM – Saturday Salon (repeat) - Ron Green

11:00 AM - Classical Showcase – Nick Reid

1:00 PM – The Taira St. John show (repeat) -Taira St. John

2:00 PM – Tribal Voices (repeat)Jim and Gail Brown

3:00 PM – Eclectic Echoes (repeat) - Tim Hoff

5:00 PM – Holistic Health and Energy - Laureen Lee

6:00 PM – Democracy Now: Amy Goodman

7:00 PM – Hellbound Handbasket: Glen Goodman

8:00 PM – Pub Talk – Frank, Martan, Jeff

9:00 PM – Karma Cola -  Andy Weiss

10:00 PM – Karma Cola (repeat) -  Andy Weiss

11:00 PM – Wordweavers (repeat) -  Multiple hosts

12Midnight – Our Stories Our Lives (repeat) - Harold Riley

1:00AM – Off Air. Tune in again at 5AM Tuesday.

4 Responses to “Monday”

  1. TAKIEM Says:

    his is for Andy Weiss:
    Hello and Greetings. I happened on your program Monday Evening at 9pm with Jack Gariss speaking. In this broadcast he referred to a meditation gathering at the “Moonfire Inn” in Topanga, CA.
    I was the propriator and facilitator of that evening. Jack was my friend and mentor.
    This is to inquire if it is possible to find and/or obtain a copy of this particular broadcast?

  2. Joe Franklin Says:

    Monday, July 22nd , I was listening to your show, while driving, and you talked about something that was good for LDL and high blood pressure and other things. It began with a “c” I think. Please tell me that name. Thank you, Joe Franklin

  3. Judy Bond Says:

    To Takiem (comment #1): You can buy CD-copies of the Karma Cola shows for $5.00 a disc(one hour). Call the office: 707-263-3640

    To Joe Franklin (comment#2): You were probably listening to “Holistically Speaking” with Dr. Steven West and Joanna Sunshine. Google him/them.

    To everyone else:
    This schedule remains unchanged.

  4. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

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