David Lark ,  01/18/2013

5:00 AM Bluegrass Traveler/Hitchhiker (Repeat): Don Coffin or Buck Bouker

7:00 AM Denim Ally (Repeat): Linda Guebert

9:00 AM Truth from the Source: Dr. Ann West

10:00 AM Saturday Salon: Ron Green

11:00 AM – Old Okie Workshop and Trading Post/Buckaroo Man (last Saturday):  Ken Poole/John Erfurth

1:00 PM Voice of White Plume: Clayton Duncan

2:00 PM – Reggae Spirit: Sir Frederick Rose

4:00 PM Word Weavers: Various hosts changing week to week

5:00 PM – The Law Show: Herb Gura

6:00 PM  Savings & Trust: Debbie Bielenberg 

8:00 PMEcletcic Echoes: Tim Hoff

10:00 PMSongs of Freedom -

Midnight – Rockin’ The Lake (repeat) Robin and Q/Michael

1:00 AM – Off Air. Tune in again at 5AM Sunday.

6 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. r wallstrum Says:

    was listening this afternoonto raggae spirti…WOW! coupla great ones ,but i have no idea who…is it possible to get a playlist for this afternoon? 12/1/2112
    we are members of kqed

  2. Judy Bond Says:

    This needs to be updated. Linda Gebert’s replay is in Jus’ Folk replay time slot, Debbie Poole is no longer with us, Fun-a-thon on now, where’s Karl’s replay going to be heard? More?

  3. Judy Bond Says:

    Eight months later:

    Comment #2 still applies.

    To other readers:
    8:00 – Denim Alley – R
    11:00 – Debbie Poole died last April. Ken is still doing the show and doing well./ The host of Buckarooman is John Ehrfurth.

  4. Judy Bond Says:

    Recent changes:

    10:00PM – Rockin’ the Lake – R (“Q” Novak is the sole host, Robin has been gone for a couple years. Mikey has been gone for awhile, also, but his music remains for Q to play.)

    Midnight – 2:00 – Sessions In Soul – R

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    The printable broadcast schedule is now current! (to 3-11-2014)

  6. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

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