andyw ,  12/18/2011

5:00 AM – Redemption Songs – Tee Watts

7:00 AM – Ministry Without Walls - Sarah Jones

8:00 AM – Christian Perspective: Rick Sagehorn and Reverend Randy

9:00 AM – Classical Bytes – Rich Adams 

11:00 AM – The Culinary View - Julie Hoskins, Rich Adams

12:00 PM – Celtic Collage - Susan Krones

2:00 PM – Community Resources – Betsy Cawn

4:00 PM – The Jazz - Doc

6:00 PM – Radio Jail: Eugenia Steinman

7:00 PM –  Classical Showcase (repeat) -  Nick Reid

9:00 PM – Karma Cola -  Andy Weiss

10:00 PM – Karma Cola (repeat)Andy Weiss

11:00 PM – 5:00 AM - The Grooveyard Shift -  Scott Church


8 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. wyianda colllins Says:

    Love the ministry without walls

  2. Bonnie Says:

    I loved June 9 Culinary View, and would like to re-listen. How can I do that?


  3. Judy Bond Says:

    Bonnie, You can buy a disk of that show for $5.00. Just call the office number.

  4. Judy Bond Says:

    Starting Sunday, April 6th at 6:00PM, a new program: “Jail Radio”!

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    Starting Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015 on Karma Cola, “The Call of the Wild.” 9:00PM Sundays, replay 10:00PM Mondays.

  6. DJ Willow Says:

    Hello, I tried last week to call the radio station during the “Radio Jail” show. The number I dialed just rang and rang. I called on Sunday right at 6pm, and then tried calling a little later and got the same result. Please let me know if there is something more I need to know about calling into the radio station. I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you kindly,
    DJ Willow

  7. Ellen H (Editor in Chief) Says:

    Hey DJ Willow -

    Call 707/263.3640 during the Radio Jail show to give shout outs to the inmates at the Hill Road Correctional Facility in Lakeport, CA.


  8. Judy Bond Says:

    707-263-3640 is the number for the office.

    707-263-3435 is the number for the studio.
    This is the one to call for the radio programs, including “Radio Jail”

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