andyw ,  12/18/2011

5:00 AM – Story Tellers: Drew Woodson

7:00 AM – The Bluegrass Traveler/Hitchhiker: Don Coffin or Buck Bouker

9:00 AM – Women’s Voices: Lenny Matthews and Kay Vohren

10:00 AM – Guerilla Radio:Conrad Kiczenski RadicalJusticeMan

11:00 AM – A Pagan View: Willowoak, Macha and Verge

1:00 PM – Praxis (Repeat): Michael Oken

2:00 PM – New Dimensions: Michael and Justine Toms

3:00 PM – Easy Rollin’Tim Hoff

5:00 PM Senior Moments: Buck Bouker, Janet Taylor, Betsy Cawn

6:00 PM – Democracy Now: Amy Goodman

7:00 PM – Lost Treasures- Pop

9:00 PM – Karma Cola: Andy Weiss

10:00 PM – Karma Cola (Repeat): Andy Weiss

11:00 PM -Guerilla Radio(Repeat): Conrad Kiczenski RadicalJusticeMan

12:00 PM – Hellbound Handbasket (Repeat): Glenn Goodman

1:00 AM – Off Air. Tune in again at 5AM Friday.

5 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Judy Bond Says:

    Today’s Schedule Changes:

    5:00AM – Replay of “Story Tellers” with name forgotten, sorry. But he is good and the music is always good.

    Linda’s show, scheduled in this time slot, is now heard on Saturday mornings AFTER the birds are awake.

    Everything else remains the same.

  2. Tony Askins Says:

    Can you tell me who was interviewed on Praxis today, Thur. Jan. 23? I was driving at the time and caught the tail end of his observations re: the current state of America, specifically the total militarization of our culture. It was brilliant, but I couldn’t hear his name properly and I would really like to find a blog or any writings he may have produced. I suspect he is a regular commentator on the show. I live in Oregon and have only heard your radio station the two times I have passed through your signal. Keep up the great work.

  3. Judy Bond Says:

    To #2-Tony Askins:
    You can stream KPFZ live to listen in Oregon. Here is the link:

    The program you heard was a replay of Wed. Jan 22 Praxis. You can buy a CD copy of that show for only $5.00. Call the office at 707-263-3640, tell them or the machine the name and date of the program, then leave your contact information. Someone will get back to you.

  4. Judy Bond Says:

    The printable broadcast schedule is now current! (to 3-11-2014)

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

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