andyw ,  12/18/2011

5:00 AM – Story Tellers (Repeat)  Drew Woodson

7:00 AM – The Bluegrass Traveler/Hitchhiker: Don Coffin or Buck Bouker

9:00 AM – Women’s Voices:Lenny Matthews, and Aqeela Bakheit

10:00 AM – Guerilla Radio:Conrad Kiczenski RadicalJusticeMan

11:00 AM – A Pagan View: Willowoak, Macha and Verge

1:00 PM – Praxis (Repeat): Michael Oken

2:00 PM – New Dimensions: Justine Willis-Toms

3:00 PM – Easy Rollin’Tim Hoff

5:00 PM Senior Moments: Buck Bouker, Janet Taylor, Betsy Cawn

6:00 PM – Democracy Now: Amy Goodman

7:00 PM – Lost Treasures- Pop

9:00 PM – Karma Cola: Andy Weiss

10:00 PM – Karma Cola (Repeat): Andy Weiss

11:00 PM -Guerilla Radio(Repeat): Conrad Kiczenski RadicalJusticeMan

12:00 PM – Hellbound Handbasket (Repeat): Glenn Goodman

1:00 AM – Off Air. Tune in again at 5AM Friday.

3 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Tony Askins Says:

    Can you tell me who was interviewed on Praxis today, Thur. Jan. 23? I was driving at the time and caught the tail end of his observations re: the current state of America, specifically the total militarization of our culture. It was brilliant, but I couldn’t hear his name properly and I would really like to find a blog or any writings he may have produced. I suspect he is a regular commentator on the show. I live in Oregon and have only heard your radio station the two times I have passed through your signal. Keep up the great work.

  2. Judy Bond Says:

    To #2-Tony Askins:
    You can stream KPFZ live to listen in Oregon. Here is the link:

    The program you heard was a replay of Wed. Jan 22 Praxis. You can buy a CD copy of that show for only $5.00. Call the office at 707-263-3640, tell them or the machine the name and date of the program, then leave your contact information. Someone will get back to you.

  3. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

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