andyw ,  12/18/2011

5:00 AM – Unherd Radio: (Repeat) King B

7:00 AMClassical Bytes (Repeat): Rich 

9:00 AM- Conscious Connection: Gail Dyne

10:00 AM - Eco-Tech Solutions  - Trina and Kirk Johnson

11:00 AM -Denim Alley (repeat) -  Linda Guebert

1:00 PM - Big Heart, Big Art - Susan King, Sherry Harris

2:00 PMWake Up and Thrive -  Neils Paulson

3:00 PMCyber-Soul Man Review -  Tee Watts

5:00 PM - Tribal Voices: Jim and Gail Brown

6:00 PM – Democracy Now: Amy Goodman

7:00 PM - Unherd Radio - Brad King

9:00 PMKarma Cola: Andy Weiss

10:00 PMKarma Cola (Repeat): Andy Weiss

11:00 PM – Voice of White Plume  (Repeat) – Clayton Duncan

12:00 AM – Women’s Voices (Repeat) – Lenny Matthews and Aqeela Bakheit

1:00 AM – Up All Night – Verge (until 5:00 a.m.)

3 Responses to “Tuesday”

  1. Lisa and Todd DiAngelo Says:

    Sir Fredrick Rose ……thank you …thank you…your music is good for the soul..we (me and my husband ) always listen to you…Tuesday night brought us back to high school in Vallejo ….loved it..????????????

  2. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

  3. Anon Forrest Says:

    Verge! Good to see/hear your talents are still being appreciated!

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