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David Lark ,  11/01/2012

KPFZ exists only because it has the support of the community it serves. You can help out:

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  1. sue humphrey Says:

    i noticed on my membership card, that my membership ran out yesterday. are you/do you send out a billing notice, or should i just send a check. and…. i am now retired and on a much more limited income… what is the rate for seniors?
    thanks bunches,

  2. Gary J. Mondfrans GShotsTV Says:

    KPFZ 88.1, Living Tree Radio, Lake County Community radio serving Lakeport, Lucerne, Clearlake and all parts of Lake County from 300 power watts on Mt. Konocti and worldwide on the ‘net:
    Please ask Andy, your creator and visionary, who lives above my Lucerne Rental properties, or Deb and her son Jacob who live a block from my 6th & Country Club Lucerne property at 6324 6th Avenue to secure and used it, even as soon at this Sunday after, by asking my neighbor Joe Good at the tree line property to the immediate left to secure and maintain my rental properties to benefit the people of Lucerne through Lucerne FLOW by working with together with Zapio Deb at Penny Lane on Main Street, right across from KPFZ 88.1 until I get back there, hopefully even by this Sunday June 7th for the first Free Flow Party Fundraiser. and
    I Gary J. Mondfrans of GShotsTV on both YouTUBE and Facebook an presently in Santa Rosa at the extremely well run, and efficient Emergency Department and will soon be transported to 2200 Geary Blvd in San Francisco for a cardiac cath procedure later today for another angiogram, poss. with stent(s), I already have nine stents or a David Letterman style triple bypass. Hey maybe a late in life little one is in my future. If a male it might will be appropriate to Call him “Harry S Truman Mondfrans”, President Truman’s middle inititial was just that, an S, which stood for nothing.
    All the while down here to Santa Rosa with all the stresses and down turn, and those that shunned and turn me away in time of need only really motivated me more to move on to suceceed. The limitiations was that I had little gas, driving on fumes, and most would give me no aid. Except for those I met in the loving and giving community of Guerneville, so I headed to the Double Rainbow which every Tuesday is give back Tuesday and when kick out of there I need an amazing and caring woman named Lauen who carried my heavy bags and escorted me to the R3 where I had already booked that last room availabe, Room 21 with a hot tub, it’s their honeymoon suite. The bartender that night shunned me, but did get the responders I need to come to my need to take me to the Kaiser ED, and the only hospital which could help me should I code out, Code Blue, Cardiac Arrest. Thank you Ambulance 576, that you Greg for finally learning to listen to your patients as the ancient Green taught us all how to do even thousands and thousands of years latter. Follow your Hippocratic Oath. We do not need to repeat history, we must learn from it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel

    Gary 73′s
    My Mom’s, Norma J. Mondfrans, Cellphone is 650 922-8002 and my Dad’s landline is 650 583-7635, the same phone number I used when I was Mayor of San Bruno.
    Please tell them I love them both and will soon see them soon at Kaiser in San Francisco, 2200 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco. Arrival time is 1500 hours: 3 pm Pacific.

    Gary/GShotsTV, I bid you 73′s , Ham Radio talk for see you later.
    Please keep sending your energy to the Moon, that Giant Reflector of Sol our Providers energy will reflect to me and all who see Luna’s guidance.

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