KPFZ Internet Stream

Playing at 7:07 pm -- prior: Democracy Now - P  |  now: Doc & The Dead - R / Murti Masquerade   |   next: Doc's Garage - R / Murti Masquerade


Chrome Browser users : please check the note further down the page.

We have switched to a NEW stream player:

NEW Lightning Stream Player : Listen Now!

Our streaming supplier is Surfer Network.

Depending on your browser settings the player may open in a new window, or in a new tab.

The stream is always delayed from the live broadcast … usually a few seconds, but it can be a couple of minutes, depending on your internet connection, and how busy their server is.

If you lose the stream connection, reload the page in your browser to prevent your browser from replaying what you already listened to. If that does not restart the show, then close the browser page and click on the link to start fresh.

In a full web browser the player controls are at the bottom-right of the screen. Adjust the volume by clicking  the + and - symbols: (-) 10 (+). On Mobile devices the play button is at the top: use the device's volume controls.

You can now bookmark the player in your browser.

Please us the Contact Form to tell the webmaster if you have any problems with the new player  WHILE you are having problems. (The email will have a datestamp and your IP address.) Use the entry "I am having problems with the Live Stream". Be sure to note the system and browser you're using, and a description  of the problem "It didn't connect" or "It stops and starts"  etc.

Note 11/15/17: the webmaster is experiencing problems with Chrome browsers (and Opera, Vivaldi, which use the same engine). It appears that the player engine in the browser itself is not releasing memory, so your computer fills up and gets slower and slower. This is NOT the fault of our streaming supplier. At present I recommend the Firefox 56 browser. (I am checking out the new Firefox 57 'quantum' browser, but don't recommend it yet.) Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) works, but has other problems. I have no experience of Microsoft/Edge or Apple/Safari.

Malware 4/13/2018 : two users (one on an iPhone, one on an Android Phone) had their browser taken over by malware -- one of the pages starts with r8***.top (We believe this is happening at the Surfer Network/lightningstream end). If this happens, do the following:

  • Find the TAB control of your browser (either at the top or the bottom of your page).
  • CLOSE all tabs by clicking the [x]
  • CLOSE your browser.

Re-open your browser and it should be clean.

If you're having other trouble with your stream, you may get assistance from our streaming provider.

If you are using an out-of-date browser you will get a message  "audio tag is not supported". You can try using the old player, though it is being phased out:

OLD player : Listen Now!