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Earth Wise: community healing with Chloe Karl or Ghia

airtimes: Friday 5 pm L Tuesday 3 pm R (L: Live P: prerecorded A: Archive R: Repeat)

Chloe Karl is your host with Janet Taylor as co-host.

Friday, Feb. 28 2020 at 5pm, "Earth Wise" on kpfz radio will present "A Conversation on Race and Racism." Join Tee Watts, Aqeela Markowski, Sky Hoyt and Chloe Karl with your calls at 707-263-3435. 

Previous shows :

Friday, Feb. 21 2020 at 5pm "Earth Wise" will feature guest Carol Cole Lewis who will discuss the CA Self Generation Program - SGIP. Chloe Karl and Carol will also discuss the Lake County PSPS meeting earlier that day.