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Goose Tales: Explore the hidden history of the commons with Roberta Actor

airtimes: Sunday 11 am L (L: Live P: prerecorded A: Archive R: Repeat)

Roberta Actor is an artist and homesteader in Big Valley.  While studying market failures and the monopolization of the food supply, she realized that the enclosure of the commons was, and still is, a major factor behind slavery, genocide, displacement and the destruction of the natural world.

The commons are the cultural and natural resources, including  air, water, and habitable land shared by all members of society. There are many stories, neglected by the dominant version of history, that explain how the commons were stolen from ordinary people all over the world, and how the commons that remain continue to be seized and destroyed. Often these are painful and difficult stories. They shine a light on taboos like class, the mythology of race, and seldom-questioned economic assumptions. It's essential to understand the history of our current situation in order to start the processes of justice and reconciliation.