17th and Pond

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Beth, the former programmer & Interim Manager of Lake County's Public Access television station from 2010-18, produced videos for the Lake County Library's series “Know Lake County” which are available for checkout at the Lake County Libraries.  Beth's misspent youth was spent attending college in San Francisco studying horticulture, music, poetics and the divinitory arts during the birth of the personal computer revolution.  Her business skills were honed while working part-time in San Francisco's downtown financial district and the colleges she attended.

17th and Pond's premise is to philosophize, to ponder upon a subject, to wonder why if something was done or what if I do this will that happen? These are questions which come forth when we start comparing the thoughts of the past to the 'what if's' with the goal of unleashing an idea leading to the creation of something:  for something cannot come from nothing – a thought must start a chain reaction into doing ( action ).  Creation! Let's see where it takes us.


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Next show: Thursday February 27th at 2pm

This slot alternates between Family Strong (1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursdays) and 17th and Pond (4th and 5th Thursdays)