Web Admin

This page is for website administrators. 

Web and Schedule Information:

How to Upload and LInk to a file

  • Edit the content where you want to insert the file (usually a page or a post)
  • Click on the Link button (link of a chain) -- A Link form pops up
  • Select "Browse the server" at the bottom ... if the file is already on the system, select it
  • On the top menu bar, click Upload
  • File ... Choose File (for Windows, browse on your computer)
  • Click Upload ...  the file will appear in the list. Select it
  • Click Insert Link ...  add the text for the linke etc.

Procedure for Activating/De-Activating the KPFZ Emergency Information Page
See http://kpfz.org/afdocs/afdocs2.php

Procedure for updating a "Show" page
See http://kpfz.org/afdocs/afdocs1.php  

This page is a sample of styles which can be used in posts and on show pages
https://kpfz.org/Schedule/ShowPage?show=ShowTestPage&group=offair  --- this one is broken while we are in emergency mode

Email accounts at kpfz.org (eg webmaster@kpfz)