AF Docs 1 : Editing a "SHOW" Page

Version 3 8/14/2019

1. Go to the Volunteers Page

and Log In :

IF the "show" page already EXISTS continue with Section 2
If it does NOT exist, skip to Section 9 and then come back to section 2

At the top left, click on the "Content" link

3. Set the FILTER to "Show6"

4. Select the "Show" page you want to edit.

** If it doesn't exist, you will need to add it ... see the instructions HERE **

Click on "Edit"

5. Edit the page.

** Note : Do *NOT* change anything related to the schedule. I have put a "horizontal rule" in the page for 9BC and Olga's shows... only change things BELOW the line.

You will usually use the "Rich text Editor", but you can peek at the pure HTML code with the "plain text editor".

** Do NOT change the text format from "Full HTML"(or "PHP Code") unless you know what you are doing.

6. Preview or Save

7. When you have finished editing, Mouse over the KPFZ logo and click Flush All Caches

8. Logout

Add a new SHOW6 Page

9. Find the Show in the Schedule (or the Shows page)

10. and click on it to get the "Info" Page :

11. Now look at the Address Bar of your browser to get the official "database" name of the show: in this case "SeniorMoments"

You will need to copy this TWICE, so maybe paste it into a temporary text file (eg Notepad on Windows).

12. ADD a "Show6" page from the content menu -- in one step using the dropdown menus

Content > Add Content > Show 6

(Or you can click each level in turn)

13. Copy the Show Name (not the database name) into the title : "Senior Moments"
** Ignore the "Program Error" **

14. Now copy the show's Database name into the "ShowName6" field

15 We also need to add it into the "URL Path Settings" field

16 The field must START with "Schedule/Shows/" ... and end with the database name "SeniorMoments"

17. We can add the body of the page. (Since this is a brand new page, you don't have to worry about the other show information described above)

18 Save the Page :

** Do NOT ** use the "Edit" Tab to change the data -- use the procedure at the top of this page.

21 Now go back to the Schedule (or Shows) page and re-select the program:

22 And check that it works correctly in the "Info" tab:

If you do *NOT* see the text which you added then you most likely mis-typed the database name "SeniorMoments".

Go back to Step 2 of these instructions and check the database name fields.