"Citizen Lake" - This Caturday 9AM! Kelseyville/Konocti Name Change Issue - Call Ins!

All -

This Caturday, from 9-10AM, "Citizen Lake" will put the Kelseyville Name Change front and center.  I'll be taking calls - local issues, but would like the focus to be on the name change.  I will give some background, and we will go from there.

I am having a hard time getting people to respond -that would like their remarks on air - so I *will* use elements of Caturday's program in a one hour special program.

Tuesday noon repeat! "Listen to the Music"! The most fun you can have with your clothes on!!

"Listen to the Music" is  the grab bag of the week - a little of this and that.  If you've never heard of a group called "The Hooligans",  you're in for a treat, with "Whiskey for Breakfast".  I first heard that song with my future bride at the Hopland Tavern many moons ago.  It is SUCH a fun song...  We ended up hiring the band - Michael Euhariat, and his band, to play at our wedding - and a lovely wedding song "Whiskey for Breakfast" it was...  Ahhhh...  It's so touching - My wife said she'd remember our union as one of her happiest marriages! 

Jazz 100 - Program #105 6-7am Wednesday Morning

 Jazz 100 this week - A giant - with a career spanning six decades - it's Ahmad Jamal - in this iteration - the Ahad Jamal Trio, Live at the Pershing Lounge, 1958.  This concert, and the album, got rave reviews then... and now.... and to show you - if you happened to have a copy of this on vinyl...  They're going north of $300.  But, Jazz is priceless, and it's yours for a song, on Jazz 100!

"Citizen Lake" - Program on Kelseyville/Konocti Proposed Name Change - Seeking Input

All - 

I am producing a one hour program of "Citizen Lake" that will examine the issue, area history and points of view surrounding changing the name of Kelseyville to Konocti,  I hosted a zoom meeting last week, and plan on doing it again.  There were some troubles with video and all, all on my end, so it is a work in progress.

"Listen to the Music" - Tuesday Repeat 12 Noon - It's 4:20 REEEEFERRRR MADNESSS!

All - 

Okay - I usually produce my programs several weeks in advance.  I had April programs put to bed in February... But then, THEN - I noticed that "Listen to the Music" falls on 4/20!  Well, that's low hanging fruit - and I would want to make Ron Green happy, so...  a special REEFER MADNESS episode of "Listen to the Music" aired last Saturday, but repeats on Tuesday from Noon til 2..  You'll hear songs you're familiar with - think "Smoke Two Joints" or "Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend"... as well as some surprises!