Carolyn Bowen Hawley

KPFZ is sad to hear of the recent death of Carolyn Hawley,  long-time Wordweavers  host.

She was born in Indiana, and studied music at Mills College, Berkeley. She moved to Ukiah in 1969, where she was a founder of the Ukiah Symphony Orchestra. Her "biggest" piece is the "Russian River Mass", with orchestra and choir. Her "smallest" and perhaps  most beautiful are her tone poems of birds and animals around her hill-top house in Nice.

In addition her "serious" performances, she played frequently at the Blue Wing Saloon in Upper Lake.  
She was also a skilled artist, and held exhibitions at the Main Street gallery in Lakeport, and in Upper Lake.

I don't have the exact date she started her radio shows on KPFZ, but she covered a wide range of music, including an introduction to  Classical music, and a series of interviews with modern composers.

Alan Fletcher

I plan to host an official remembrance show on October 15

You can read her obituary at

and a longer version at

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