The Lake County Community Radio Board of Directors Applications 2021

The Lake County Community Radio Board of Directors is accepting applications for Board positions of 1
and 2-year terms.

To apply, download a blank application from the website and mail to LCCR, Inc., PO Box 466,
Lakeport, CA 95453, postmarked by October 22. Elections will to be held at the November 18, 2021,
Board meeting.

Up to 11 Board positions are authorized. Generally, Board members serve 2-year terms unless members
leave mid-term.

Currently open are 3, one-year term and 1- two-year term Board positions.
Additionally, 5 Board members are up for re-election. Board members who wish to serve another 2-year
term must re-apply.

The LCCR, Inc. Board welcomes applicants who:
• love community radio;
• have the time and energy to invest in its management, including serving in leadership positions
and on standing and ad hoc committees, and attend regular and special Board meetings;
• are willing to lead or participate in fund raising to keep the air waves open for current and
future generations of listeners;
• have attended board meetings and/or have volunteered on ad hoc or standing Board
committees; and
• will follow, encourage, and enforce FCC and station policies, standards, and guidelines.

The LCCR, Inc. is an all-volunteer working board. We need results-oriented members skilled and
experienced in one or more of the following areas:
• leadership, team/consensus building and meeting facilitation.
• accounting, budget setting and financial management;
• technology, database management, and website construction;
• data entry and record keeping;
• public relations; policymaking; or other business-related skill sets.

Applicants must be willing to work cooperatively with diverse interests; understand the fundamentals of
working with an all-volunteer nonprofit organization; and able to set aside personal interests for the
good of the whole.

If you have any questions send an email using the contact form on the website and/or
contact Board President Olga Martin Steele at 916-849-8170.

A printable copy of this notice is at LCCR.BoardElections.2021.pdf
A downloadable application form is at LCCR.Inc_.BoardApplication.pdf


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