LCCR (KPFZ) ZOOM Board Meeting Thursday August 18, 2022 6:15-8:00 pm

Lake County Community Radio, Inc

Aug. 18, 2022 | 6:15 PM—8:00 PM

Zoom Meeting


  1. Welcome & Agenda Review

  2. Public Comment:  Any item not on the agenda can be presented.  Items not on the agenda are not for discussion or action.  There is a 2-minute allowance for these items.

  3. Minutes


  • Treasurers Report: Roberta Actor

  • Underwriter’s Report: Linda Kelley

  • GM’s Report: Andy Weiss

  • Web: Alan Fletcher

  • IT: John Saare


  • Moonalice – September 18: Ron Green

  • Filters for Office: Olga Steele

  • Security System: John Moorhead


  • State of the Station:  Olga Steele & Board Members

  • Newsletter

  • Survey

  • Building A Broader Support Base through Programming & Outreach

  • Proposal:  Approve formation of Executive Committee: Olga Steele (Decisional)

    • Review Bylaw Section:  Article 5, Committees

    • Purpose of committee:

  1. Succession Planning

  2. New Strategies for increasing listener base

  3. New Strategies for fund-raising 

  • Proposal: Add new agenda item for future meetings: Executive Committee Reports (Decisional)


September 15, 2022, Regular Meeting

The July minutes and any other submitted reports will be in the comments.

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Meeting Minutes from JULY 21, 2022

I.  Call to order at 6:15 by Olga Martin-Steele  

Board Members Present: Roberta Actor, Dennis Booth, Ron Green, Linda Kelly, Susan Krones, Scott Miller, Olga Martin-Steele, John Moorhead  General Manager:  Andy Weiss was present on phone

Absent: Martin Scheel,   Guests:  Betsy Cawn, Ariel Carmona, Alan Fletcher, Sky Hoyt, Chloe Karl, Cathie Miller, Paula Mune, John Saare

This meeting was conducted via ZOOM due to COVID-19 Emergency   

II. Public Input:  None 

III. Approval of Minutes – The minutes from the last regular meeting on 6/16/22 were approved as corrected.    

IV. Treasurer’s Report – See written report by Roberta Actor said our starting balance for June was $19,672.21 and the ending balance is $21,499.54.  Regarding our tax status, Roberta has filed what was needed to be filed and we are waiting to hear back that our records are in order.  We now have a professional doing our taxes.  Big thanks to Roberta for all her work on this.  All bills and invoices should go through our bookkeeper, Deb Pollock so she can keep track of our bills and payments. Deb then coordinates with Roberta.    

V. General Manager’s Report – Weiss reported. a. Andy said our absentee rate for programmers is up with several programmers not showing up for their shows.  The station is going off the air more and this requires rebooting at the station.         

VI. Committee Reports:  

a. Program Committee – a.   Olga will be doing a show called County Round-up once a month.  We would like to have a cooking show if anyone knows someone who can do a cooking show.  Karl will follow-up. 

 b. Underwriting – Everyone except two business are current on payments.                

c. IT Report – John Saare said he will be moving equipment to underneath the table in the studio.    

d. Website:  Alan Fletcher reported that the website went down because there were too many files.  See written report.   

VII. Old Business: a. Moonalice concert - Ron Green reported that the concert will be outside at Cashe Creek Winery on 9/18/22 at 4:20.  Doors open at 3:00.  Green said he will sell tickets through Eventbrite. Tickets will be $20 in advance and $25 at the gate.  Bring your own chairs. 

b. Air Filters- We are ready to proceed on air filters and keypads for station security. Everyone will still need a key to get in the building. Also, a key can be used to get in the studio.  Moorhead he can install the keypads. 

VIII. New Business: a. Programming – We want to make it easier for people to find out how to become a programmer.  Currently on the website it is not that easy to fine.  New programmers still need to be trained but we have not had an orientation since Covid.  Krones suggests the Board meet with the Program Committee to discuss these issues in detail.   

Next Meeting will be Thursday, 8/18/22 @ 6:15 pm via Zoom.  

Adjournment- 8:22 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:   

Susan Krones, Secretary