LCCR (KPFZ) ZOOM Board Meeting Thursday January 19, 2023 6:15-8:00 pm

LCCR, Inc, Board of Directors Meeting

January 19, 2023 | 6:15 PM—8:00 PM




  3. PUBLIC COMMENT:  2-minute allowance for comments on non-agenda items 



  1. Treasurers Report: Roberta Actor

  2. GM’s Report: Andy Weiss

    1. Operations

      1. Status: Lost Airtime/Interruptions/Fix 

      2. Update on Station License Upgrade Project

      3. Update on Streaming Issues

      4. Programmer Notice: Purposes & Status

        1. Maintaining Central Database of Programmers

        2. Status of New Programmer Contract/Agreements

        3. Other

      5. Request: Restore Local Programming – 11 AM hour/Weekdays

      6. Other

    2. Programing

      1. Report of changes, issues, # of active programs, music & talk

      2. Report: Status

  3. Underwriter’s Report: Linda Kelley/Stacy Maisenbach

  4. Web: Alan Fletcher

  5. IT: John Saare

  6. Executive Committee Report:  Olga M Steele

    1. Survey Take Aways: John Moorhead

    2. Programmer Promos, Status:  Dwain Goforth

    3. New Action Items

      1. Member Survey

      2. Fund Development: 2023




  1. COVID Policy Review

  2. Programmer Concerns

  3. New & Updated Programmer Training

  4. February Social – Dwain Goforth


The minutes of the December 15, 2022 meeting are in the first comment.

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Meeting Minutes from DECEMBER 15, 2022

I.  Call to order at 6:17 by Olga Martin-Steele  

Board Members Present: Roberta Actor, Dennis Booth, Dwain Goforth,  Ron Green, Linda Kelly, Susan Krones, Stacy Maisenbach, Paula Mune, Scott Miller, John Moorhead, Scott Nuttall  

General Manager:  Andy Weiss was present on phone

Guests:  Alan Fletcher, Ariel Carmona, Kris Tishatang, Betsy Cawn, John Saare

This meeting was conducted via ZOOM due to COVID-19 Emergency   

II. Public Input:  Kris Tishatang introduced himself.  

III. Approval of Minutes – The minutes from the last regular meeting on November 17, 2022 were approved.     

IV. Treasurer’s Report – See written report by Roberta Actor.  Our starting balance for November was $26,465.00 and the ending balance is $22,632.00.  We had $1,491 income, most of which was from sustaining members.  Our phone bill went down and should be less from now on.  We need to send out a reminder to programmers that they need to be members.  Linda Kelly said she was willing to send out reminders to members to renew their membership.  Roberta is still working on trying to resolve our situation with the IRS to waive any fines for late returns since we are a non-profit.    

V. General Manager’s Report – Weiss reported that there was no Program Committee meeting this month.  

VI. Committee Reports:  

a. Program Committee – a.   There was no Program Committee meeting this month.    

b. Underwriting – Linda Kelly reported that we have a new underwriter- the Unitarians in Kelseyville.  Stacy Maisenbach has agreed to take on underwriting since Linda Kelly is leaving in a few months.  Martin-Steele said she talked to someone in the Democratic Club that they will continue to be underwriters but we need to do a new announcement.                      

c. IT Report – John Saare reported on the status of our licensing.  We have a frequency assignment from the FCC so the next step is to get needed equipment from Broadband Solutions and see if they can install it.  We need to get the final cost as well.  John and Scott did go on the roof and put a shade over the equipment for a “hopefully” quick temporary fix. Saare also suggested that we look into setting up our own streaming server.  The current one is unreliable.  Ron Green suggested we give Saare the authority to look into what it would cost and what are the steps we would need to take to do our own streaming.  Saare will report back next meeting on how to do it and possible costs.  He did not agree to be in charge of it regarding monitoring it to make sure it is on and working on a constant basis.        

d. Website:  Alan Fletcher submitted a written report. He said that the web site could be handled by someone with basic word processing ability.  He will talk to David Lark and John Saare. 

e. Executive Committee Report – Moorhead reported the findings from the KPFZ Survey.  He recommends putting the survey online for the public to respond as well.  Ron Green suggested that we do a Radio Promo to ask listeners to take the survey.  

VII. Old Business: a. Officer Elections – Krones is willing to remain as Secretary. Actor is willing to remain as Treasurer. Olga is willing to remain as President for one more year but would like someone else to be President sooner than later. Pop Booth is willing to continue as Vice President. Ron Green makes a motion to accept the Officers as stated above.  Actor 2nd.  Passes.  b. New Keypad Locks - Moorhead is in the final stages of implementing the keypad entry to the station. He will give all programmers plenty of notice of the change and a phone number to call if they can’t get in.  He will assign codes to each programmer.  

VIII. New Business: a. Self-Promos – Dwain Goforth has developed an implementation plan for programmers to record promotions for their show to be played during other shows.  Programmers will have to record their own promo. Goforth has a sample script and it would have to be 30 seconds or less.  Goforth can help programmers with this starting in January.  The promo would also be the station ID.  Basic format would be Who, What, When, and a brief description of what the show is about.  b. 2023 Fund Development – Proposal will be presented in January. c. Next meeting there will be a discussion of the current Covid Policy and any updates.  

Next Meeting will be Thursday, 1/19/23 @ 6:15 pm via Zoom.  

Adjournment- 8:21 p.m.


Minutes submitted by:  


Susan Krones, Secretary