LCCR (KPFZ) TELEPHONIC/ZOOM Board Meeting Thursday January 21, 2021 6:15-8:00 pm

Lake County Community Radio, Inc.

149 N. Main Street | Lakeport, CA 95453 | 707-263-3640 |  |
BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING AGENDA: January  21, 2020, 6:15 pm – 8:00 pm


Note: we are taking covid-19 precautions to maintain a safe broadcasting studio
therefore we are meeting via zoom. contact our zoom meeting administrator, Chloe
Karl, if you wish to join the meeting or provide comments/input on the agenda in
writing. Send comments through the message feature on or by email,

  1. Call to Order

  2. Approval of Minutes from November

  3. Welcome/Introductions

  4. Public Comment

Guests may speak for up to 2 minutes on any item not on the agenda.  If the item is on the agenda, speakers will be asked to hold their comments until the item is taken up by the board.  

V.  Treasurer's Report – Roberta Actor

        1)  Zoom Account Fees--Jaclyn Ley

VII.  General Manager’s Report – Andy Weiss

  1. Station Operations | General Updates

  2. Fall Fund Drive Recap and Spring Fund Drive Planning to Start

  3. Computer Update Discussion

  4. Other

VIII.  Committee Reports

  1. Program Committee – Chloe Karl

    1. Update on new programs/schedule changes

    2. Programmer communications/updates/issues

  2. Underwriting – Linda Kelley 

  3. Website Report – Alan Fletcher

  4. Database – John Saare


  1. General Manager Plan of Succession/Business Continuity Plan

    1. Activities/Responsibilities/Duties

      1. job descriptions in the file cabinet at the station 

    2. Electronics

      1. diagram sitting in the production studio

      2. John Saare, Alan Fletcher, David Lark, and Franklin Ley to be torch bearers 

X.   Adjourn TO NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, February 18 @ 6:15pm

The minutes of the prior meeting -- Nov 19, 2020 are attached as commenst

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Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2020
I.      Call to order at 6:17 by President Olga Martin-Steele. 
II.                 Board Members Present: Roberta Actor, Ron Green, Chloe Karl,  Linda Kelly, Susan Krones, Jaclyn Ley, John Moorhead, John Saare, Olga Martin-Steele     Absent: Doc Bilardi, Jim Brown
General Manager:  Andy Weiss was present. This meeting was conducted via ZOOM due to COVID-19 Emergency
Guests:  Martin Scheel
Public Input:   No public input. 
III.      Approval of Minutes –The minutes from the last regular meeting on 10/15/20 were approved.
IV.      Board Elections- Martin-Steele talked to James Brown and he is not running again at this time but may run sometime in the future. Martin –Steele prepared a proposed slate of Board Members and ballot.  “The LCCR, Inc. by-laws allow up to 11 members on the Board of Directors. Members serve for 2 terms. Four members are up for re-election. There is one vacancy. Vote for up to 5.  Dennis “Doc” Bilardi, Incumbent Chloe Karl, Incumbent Susan Krones, Incumbent Olga Martin Steele, Incumbent Martin Scheel * See application attached.  Ron Green made a motion to accept the slate.  Kelly 2nd.  Motion passes with no objections.  All the individuals on the slate were elected.  Jacklyn Ley said she would be willing to be President with some assistance from Martin-Steele.  Kelly made a motion for the following Officer positions and this was 2nd by Karl. Jackyn Ley – President, Olga Martin-Steele – Vice President, Susan Krones –Secretary, Roberta Actor – Treasurer. Approved by vote with no objections. 
V.      Treasurer’s Report – Actor reports that as of the end of October our balance was $19,047.76. Our income was $756.11 and our expenses were $6,300.12.  Our income is mostly coming from sustaining memberships. We did receive a donation from Network for Good.  We need a new CD player and new computer.
VI.       General Manager’s Report – Weiss reporting. a. Starting 11/30/20 we will have a week long on air fundraiser.  There will be someone at the Board pitching and someone in the Production studio to take calls. Our supply of radios will be given away to those who need them, not based on membership.  Weiss and Karl will set up plan to implement to Fund Raiser.  
VII.      Committee Reports: 
a. Program Committee – Karl reported.  a. Karl sent out an email to all programmers and that included a contract.  b. Programmer decorum was discussed.  It was decided that decorum issues should be handled by the GM and the Program Committee.   
b. Underwriting – Kelly said we have a new underwriter Thai American Market.  Kelly will talk to the Lozanos to make sure she has information about all of our Underwriters.         
c. Tech Report – John Saare reported that the issue with Direct TV have been resolved so we should start seeing our monthly expenses reduced..  We will be switching over to to be able to take credit cards.     
d. Website:  a. Alan was not present but per his email website is working fine.        
VII. New Business: a. There will not be a station holiday party this year due to COVID-19.  There will not be a 12/17/20 meeting. 
Next Meeting will be Thursday, 1/21/21 @ 6:00 pm via Zoom.   
Adjournment- 8:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  
Susan Krones, Secretary