Hennessey, August, Glass and Lyon Fires and PSPS Events : Aug 17 - Nov 19, 2020

Updated Wednesday  Nov 18, 2020  10:00 am.

August Fire -- Is finally 100% contained. 

The Lake County LNU Lightning Complex Recovery page is at  http://recovery.lakecountyca.gov.  The FEMA asistance information is at http://recovery.lakecountyca.gov/Assets/Recovery/Docs/FEMAapp.pdf A press release summarizing the assistance is at http://www.lakecountyca.gov/Government/PressReleases/LAC090420.htm

KPFZ Fire Schedule.

All talk shows will take fire and other emergency-related calls. 

Editor's note ... there is a separate page for PSPS events : https://kpfz.org/psps-events -- or combine them if there is an active fire at the same time.

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