Minutes of August 16 Board Meeting

August 16, 2018

  1. Call to order at 6:18 pm by President Chloe Karl
  2. Board Members Present:
    Roberta Actor, Picabo Dollosso, Ron Green, Chloe Karl, Susan Krones, Olga Martin-Steele, John Moorhead, John Saare, T-Watts  Absent: Nick Baker
    General Manager:  Andy Weiss was not present. Guests:  see attached list
    Public Input:   Milos Lubner commented that he thinks elections should be voted on by all KPFZ members.  
  3. Approval of Minutes –   The minutes from the last regular meeting on 7/19/18 were approved with a correction that Jim Brown would be up for election, not Ron Green.
  4. Board Member Election:  The people running are: Jim Brown, Susan Krones, Olga Martin-Steele, Chloe Karl, Doc Bilardi, Michael Fresques, Peter Tibbetts, Nick Baker.  Each person running made a statement, ecept Michael Fresques was not present.  Election was conducted by secret ballot by all current Board Member present.  Election results:   Jim Brown, Susan Krones, Olga Martin-Steele, Doc Bilardi, Nick Baker.          
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Written report.   
    General Manager’s Report – Weiss was not present.  a. Emergency Radio Coverage- We have never had a protocol but the job gets done.  It was agreed we need a more specific plan.  A written proposal was submitted by Martin-Steele.  Green made a motion that the Board approve the proposed protocol but allow Martin-Steele to make minor changes in consultation with Weiss and Karl.  Moorhead 2nd.  Motion Passes.          
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Program Committee – The committee met and reviewed applications for programs.  Lucia Acosta has submitted an application for a Spanish Language Community show for outreach to the Hispanic Community.  Jacquelyn Ley has submitted an application for a show about motherhood called Mother Wise. Both shows have been approved.  Other possible show is proposed by Roberta Actor that would include segments of Native American National News.  Ron Green is working on a protocol and Guidelines for Programmers.  Program Committee meetings are the first Monday of the month at 2pm.  There will be a Programmer Training in the near future.      
    2. Underwriting – We have had several renewals and the Gunn House is back.                  
    3. Events:   1. Barry Melton Concert is set for 10/13/18. Starts at 7:00 pm and is at the Soper-Reese Theatre.
    4. Website Report – David Lark set up the site and Alan Fletcher writes, publishes and edits the ongoing content.  The website is underused.  John Saare recommends that a technical committee be formed to review and discuss technical issues that come up and recommend improvements.  Martin-Steele moved to establish a technical committee as a standing committee with Saare as the Chair and for him to invite others as appropriate.  Actor 2nd.  Passes.
    5. Database - Saare is still working on the membership database.  He suggested a formation of a Membership Committee to decide ongoing issues such as when should a membership start and end.  He also suggests mailings to the membership once a month.  Karl, Paula Mune and Saare will be on this committee.          
  7. Old Business - a. Fall Fund Drive needs to be set for some time in November.    
  8. New Business – a.  The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) is holding a conference from September 20-21 in Santa Rosa. b.   Election of Officers – The following people were nominated for the corresponding positions and were elected and approved for the positions. President – Martin-Steele; Vice-President - Chloe Karl; Treasurer - Roberta Actor; Secretary – Susan Krones.      

Next Meeting will be Thursday, 9/20/18 @ 6:15 pm at the station.         

Adjournment- 8:25 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  

Susan Krones


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