Upcoming Shows on KPFZ

Saturday July 4th  4-5pm.  Wordweavers.   This will be a pre-recorded show (via Zoom) ... with KC Patrick, Charles Moton, Lourdes Theusen, Georgina Marie and Cindy Chatham. 

Saturday July 11 Wordweavers will be William Conwell, and July 16th will be Carolyn Hawley.

Upcoming Changes 6/19/20 : we have adjusted the daily schedule, particularly for the 11 am and 3 pm slots where no board operator is present.   We also plan to add NEW, PRE-RECORDED MUSIC shows in the 7-9 pm slot.

Only one Board Operator (BO) will be in the studio at a time. Other hosts will call in to do their show. A guide to call-in hosts -- set up a conference call for co-hosts -- then one line will always be open for call-ins
See the Instructions for Android and Iphone

We have an emergency  schedule up. We will leave the schedule for past days up, but it may change.

Programmers : Announce your upcoming shows here via email or use the Contact Form for "Web Editor" and we will set it up for you.

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