It's a miracle! The station is fixed!

Actually the combined energies of a number of people made this happen. Thanks to John Saare, first and foremost, for diagnositics and working with the Broadband Solutions crew to figure out how to reconnect our STL cable. Thanks to Andy for the decision to hire Broadband Solutions. Thanks to Olga for finding a way to make it happen today and for Bill Bernetti for his part in advancing our place on the repair schedule. 

And we are especially grateful to all of our dedicated programmers who put forth their efforts knowing they were not broadcasting over the airwaves. 

Our listeners figured it out fast this afternoon after 5 pm. KPFZ was missed. Our community has a good thing in our humble radio station.

Have a blessed weekend!

Andy and Chloe

ps: An important participant in the "miracle" was Ariel Carmona who drove an hour round-trip to open the door to the Record Bee office, to let the the cable-layers in.


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