Angela DePalma-Dow on Essential Public Information Hour

Angela DePalma-Dow, Lake County Department of Water Resources Invasive Species Program Coordinator and Water Quality Program Coordinator, will present her monthly “water issues” report Sunday April 30 on the Essential Public Information Hour / What's Next. 2:00-4:00 PM.  Angela will join us at 3:00 p.m. live in the studio to take your calls. 

Links to upcoming events and articles of interest:

Senator Mike McGuire's May 2 "Wildfire Preparedness & Prevention Town Hall":

 "Battling fires from sky takes a big toll on aquatic life" - Martin Espinoza, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, April 16, 2023.  (Follow Martin on his Facebook page.)

"Pollution lawsuite could curb use of aerial fire retardant" - Associated Press, April 24, 2023.

"The Banality of Floods (and Droughts)" - Jay Lund, California WaterBlog, April 22, 2023.

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Sarah Ryan's presentation to the State Water Boards on March 7, 2023, about the Clear Lake Hitch Emergency: