Senior Moments - August 10, 2023

Many agencies are working together to implement the state's new "CalAIM" programs including:

"Promoting Independent Living Among Older Adults and People with Disabilities"

California Health Care Foundation "CalAIM in Focus":


Medi-Cal's "expanded services":

“California is transforming Medi-Cal to provide members with better access to more coordinated, person-centered, and equitable care. The first year of implementation represents just the beginning of our transformation journey,” said Jacey Cooper, State Medicaid Director and DHCS Chief Deputy Director for Health Care Programs. “As we connect eligible members who would benefit from Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports, we anticipate these numbers will continue to increase in the coming months and years, and we are committed to making policy improvements so Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports are more accessible to members and providers across the state.”, email "" to subscribe.