The Essential Public Information Hour - October 8, 2023

Scotts Dam/Lake Pillsbury video presentation to the Russian River Water Forum:


October 11, 2023, State Department of Water Resources town hall on Clear Lake Hitch Conservation Efforts.  From 5-7 pm in person at the BoS chambers (255 North Forbes Street, Lakeport) or on Zoom at this link:

Meeting ID: 335 330 8388

Passcode: 769928

Town Hall Highlights: 

  • Clear Lake Hitch Barrier Removal: Gain insights into the ongoing local and State efforts dedicated to the removal of Clear Lake Hitch Barriers in our streams, fostering a healthier aquatic ecosystem. 
  • Private Landowner Participation: Discover how private landowners can actively engage in conservation efforts and contribute to the preservation of our natural habitats.
  • Understanding CDFW’s Streambed Alteration Program: Learn about the Streambed Alteration Program by CDFW, including an in-depth exploration of the permitting process for vegetation clearing, vital for maintaining the delicate balance of our local environment.

 To learn more about this town hall event, please contact Lake County Water Resources at (707) 263-2344. For detailed information regarding CDFW’s Streambed Alteration Program, kindly visit


October 19, 2023, State Water Resurces Control Board workshop on Draft Emergency regulations for the Clear Lake Watershed (note the meeting time has changed to 5:30 pm):

EXCELLENT, FREE "Community Tool Box" (from the University of Kansas) -- unbelievably rich breakdown of every subject addressed by citizen activists, with increasing levels of detail unfolding on this easy-to-use website: