The Essential Public Information Hour & What's Next? October 22, 2023

Although we were not broadcasting on the air, our program was streamed.  The major topic of the day was all of the ongoing and planned planning projects (instruments of authority), by various agencies in the county -- all of them of importance to Lake County residents and property owners:

1. Lake County General Plan Safety Element update;

2. Lake County General Plan update;

3. Lake County Area Plan updates (County of Lake website, search for specific area plans);

4. Lake County Natural/Local Hazard Mitigation Plan update;

5. Lake County Emergency Operations Plan update;

6. Lake County Community Wildfire Protection Plan update (and newly authorized but undefined “mini-CWPPs), approved October 3, 2023;

7. Lake County Climate Change Assessment and Climate Action Plan (TBD);

8. Lake County Community Resilience Center(s) Plan (TBD);

9. Lake County Community Health Improvement Plan;

10. Lake County [unspecified] “Plan” to address combined impacts of mental illness, homelessness, and substance use disorders.  (“Direction to staff” by BoS 10/3/23.)

Others include the new Parks Master Plan, Lake Area Planning Council’s Transportation Plan update, and continuous updating of Mental Health Services and Area Agency on Aging annual and periodic plans.